Mr Pigstuff
Mr Pigstuff

When chefs serve the food they love to eat, great things happen.

What food do you think we are?

Mr Pigstuff provides delicious food for casual events where fun and flavour are important.

Our food is delicious, crafted with culinary experience and designed to deliver a flavour wallop. Our relentless drive for consistent quality means we continually strive to produce great tasting food with a huge depth of flavour in every bite. 

We love cooking pork, but are experts with all food, producing excellent and inventive vegetarian and vegan dishes too.

Street Food

Barbecue meats, enticing salads and superb sandwiches.

 There is something compelling about the smell of a barbecue, the charred scent the cooking meat gives of, the wafting aroma that fills the air with a tantalising hint of deliciousness. 

Mr Pigstuff’s generous portions of delicious street food are infused with flavour, all designed by Stevie and Iain to be easily eaten while mobile.
Maybe you’ll get to try one of our amazing sandwiches, or a cracking grilled meat and salad combo, whatever the occasion the food we serve will be epic!


Our chefs expansive culinary experience and skill means we are awesome at delivering events, we focus on our clients desires and often design bespoke menus for unique events.

Using our barbecues as field kitchens we can deliver amazing food almost anywhere. Informal sit down meals with sharing platters, street food and festival vibes with food stands and live action chef stations, substantial canape and bowl food events, amazing barbecue finished buffets laden with delicious and attractive food. We can do it all, and so much more.

Our extensive culinary experience means our Vegan and Vegetarian dishes are awesome too!

Handmade Sauces

Great with everything!

Our Pigstuff experience started when we created an awesome range of delectable sauces, designed to marinate and accompany the barbecued meats we love to eat so much. These exclusive sauces, designed and handcrafted by Stevie and Iain, are intensely flavoured, with a full body and depth of flavour that fills each bite. 

The flavours include:

Pineapple and ginger
The best barbecue sauce
Lime, spring onion and green chilli
Tomato, tamarind and chilli
XOx2 – a Chinese inspired sauce

Once you have experienced these chef made sauces you’ll wonder how your life will continue without them. 

Contact Us

We do this because we love it!

If you'd like to take up some of our free time to have us cater an event for you we would be happy to hear from you. Feel free to make contact via the button below.

We are happy to travel to deliver a great food experience to a client.
With the experience and knowledge to cater anywhere.

Mr Pigstuff

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Who are Mr Pigstuff?

Mr Pigstuff is the brainchild of Stevie, created after a fateful day when Stevie busted out his own porky spin on Jean Knight’s 1971 single "Mr Big Stuff” during a family event. He registered the business name the following day.
Stevie is Acton born and bred, loyally supports Queens Park Rangers and still lives in west London. With over 25 years of high quality cooking experience and an infectious enjoyment of life, Stevie loves sharing the food he cooks with everyone.

Iain is a New Zealander whose worldwide travels have given him a broad culinary repertoire. His high end culinary experience spans 20 years and five countries, he loves living in London and enjoys incorporating inspiration from his travels into his dishes.

Together we created Mr Pigstuff a few years ago around the time London’s street food boom, with the idea of taking Mr Pigstuff to the streets. We decided at the time to keep our full time jobs as corporate dining head chefs, rather than to take the plunge as street food traders. Sadly this means most people haven’t heard of Mr Pigstuff, but it kept our fine dining skills sharp and it allows us to focus on Mr Pigstuff as an enjoyable activity.   

We both love pork, but we love all other foods too, just like the proper gluttonous pigs we are. We serve all kinds of food because it’s great to eat many delicious things, and  go to a lot of trouble to create great food for people to enjoy.

We also carry our environmental responsibility and strive to minimise our garbage waste, all our disposables are biodegradable when possible.